Zelamat Pagi!

This is chapter #1.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Certainly, there are so many scholarship hunters who are looking for scholarship as a beginning to change destiny. At the beginning, I was not a person with high passion to find scholarship to pursue education. I already have a degree in International Relations Science, and working in top airlines company in the world which is also a government-owned corporation, with good career position. I have no worry about my future.

But before the age of 30, life is an adventure. I always believe that getting out from comfort zone is the only way to reach success. World is always moving forward, and there will always be individual competition. It is very important to have high qualification as the tool to run with world.

It is easy for some people to have a better education that is outside from their home countries with high cost and all consequences. In the other side, there are also lots of people who have competencies, but they don’t have good financial condition to support their dreams.

I had a little concern that my comfort zone will be gone when I resign, and for that condition, I have to start again from the beginning. Lots of consideration before I decided to continue the process. I do have disappointment why I am too late to know about the scholarship in Turkey.

England, France, Germany, United States, Australia and New Zealand are still absolutely becoming the targets of many scholarship hunters, but some of the scholarships are not full. The receivers still have to pay for living cost or travel cost from their home countries. For Indonesian applicants, most of scholarships generally are given to civil servants which are willing to come back and contribute to Indonesia.

With these notes, scholarship from Turkey government, called Turkiye Burslari Scholarships can be a choice.

Why Turkey?

TurkeyThese are my reasons why I choose Turkey:

1. Many of universities in Turkey are listed as top 500 best universities in the world. Some of them even recorded as top 150 world best universities.

2. As a Moslem, doing worship in Turkey will not be difficult. Although Turkey is a secular country, but most of the people are embracing Islam.

3. Turkey is very unique, located between two continents. The Europe sensation with Asia touch definitely will be an unforgettable experience. Turkey once became the major super power with Ottoman empire with civilization and great culture heritages.

4. The high economic development of Turkey, and the progress to become the European Union member make Turkey become more attractive, the powerful country with many strong aspects and opportunities . Currently, Turkey is the 6th country with highest economy growth in Europe, and 16th in the world.

There are various scholarships offered, but probably Turkiye Burslari has the most interesting program. It is fully funded by Turkey government. The fund is taken from education department that is allocated specially for international students. The purpose is to strengthen relationship between Turkey and the applicant countries.



Why Turkiye Burslari Scholarship?

Turkiye1. This scholarship is given to applicant from any level, Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.d. Even there is Summer Course or Research Program, available for couple of months.

Usually the registration for undergraduate, master, and Ph.d. is opened in the beginning of March and closed in the end of March each year. The registration for some of undergraduate study programs is also opened and closed in May.

2.The selection process is relatively easy. TOEFL/ IELTS score is not necessary for the course which is offered by Turkish language. There are two stages in selection process, those are administrative selection and interview.

3. Full scholarship, including transportation cost from home country to Turkey and back to home country from Turkey, accommodation which is allowed the receivers to stay at government dormitory, full tuition fees and language preparation course, monthly living allowance, and medical insurance.


Administrative Selection


Check the official website above, and this is the first requirement:

  • Undergraduate: Born in 01.01.1993 and after
  • Master: Born in 01.01.1984 and after
  • Ph.d.: Born in 01.01.1979 and after
  • Research Program: Born in 01.01.1969 and after
  • No health issues that influence education process

Application is just accepted through official website. For undergraduate applicants, just prepare high school certificate, completed with national examination score transcript. For master and Ph.d. applicant, degree certificate with score transcript are needed. When I was applying for master program, the high school certificate and score transcript are also requested. Other documents, such as passport and achievement certificated can be showed to interviewers, after passing the administrative selection.

TOEFL/ IELTS certificate is needed if applying to universities which use English as curriculum language. GRE/GMAT is also needed for master/ Ph.d. certain programs.

The applicants have to fulfill some questions which need explanation regarding motivation, future plan, reasons to choose study program, and for master or Ph.d applicants, there is also a question about relation of study program choice with previous degree.

The committees will look for best candidates, but there is no need to worry about the quota. As long as the applicants have good record and good answers for the questions, they will call for interview. For undergraduate applicants, it is important to have high school certificate with overall score of 7, and for master/ Ph.d applicants, the GPA should be 3.0 or above. No matter if it is public or private institution, they will review it based on individual performance. Always check the official website, and application status.


Interview Selection

This stage proves that 75 percent of chance to get the scholarship is already in hand. The other 25 percent is interview performance. Usually the announcement for candidates who pass the administrative selection is sent by email one month after the registration closed. When I applied, the announcement was sent on 22nd April 2014, followed by invitation for interview that would be held on 27th April 2014. The application status in official website also informed the same notification.


TurkiyeInterview is held in Turkish Embassy with Turkish interviewers, directly come from Ankara. If there are not many applicants from certain country, interview will be held via phone call or skype. I was interviewed by two interviewers in Turkish Embassy Jakarta. It is fully in English.

Interviewers will check the appropriateness of documents attached in registration with the hard copies that are bring during the interview. The key to perform well is preparing answers for the questions that have been asked when registering online. Answer for basic question tags, 4W1H (What, Who, When, Why, and How) can be prepared before interview to complete performance. Other than that, just relax, confident, and consider the interviewers are friends who will be able to listen individual stories.


Result Announcement

The announcement for the final result will be in one until two months after the interview. But in my case, I got the result announcement in 26th July 2014. This is the beginning of the adventure, and everyone can be part of it.




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  1. Hello Zakki, ı have been accepted for scholarship but they have not announce the unıversıty yet. I wıll have a master. my first two choıces is for İzmir and the rest for Istanbul. Do you know how many chances do ı have to go to İzmir?


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